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Make Your Own Paper Anemone Craft Kit

Make Your Own Paper Anemone Craft Kit


Take on a new enjoyable project that is inspired by nature! Our paper flower craft kits use specialty Italian crepe paper that captures the essence of live blooms. Along with a few simple tools included in the package (all you will need are a pair of scissors!), you can create exuberant flowers that you can use a centrepiece, party favour, decoration or as a spectacular gift.


The craft kit comes with a printed guide that contains instructions and tips from arts and crafts expert, Beam Irwin. You can also get a link to a tutorial video that shows additional tricks and details to make these paper botanicals come alive.


Why not gather your creative friends and have Beam create a craft party for you! She has done countless of arts and crafts workshop for children and adults alike ranging from different skill sets and seasonal themes. Send me a message so we can start planning your crafternoon!

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