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Our Story

Hello! I am Beam Irwin, a creative entrepreneur specialising in exquisite paper flowers.   


These fine handcrafted floral pieces started as a past time during the pandemic of 2020. Having just immigrated from the Philippines into my new home in UK during this strange time, I have only the most basic of craft materials -- paper, scissors and glue. Trapped at home with simple resources I have at hand, I created the paper flowers that would blossom into Blooms by Beam.  


This fresh venture has allowed me to create an alternative to natural flowers. Made with durable specialty materials, Blooms by Beam paper flowers can be enjoyed no matter the season. There is no need to worry about it wilting -- paper flowers will continue to look beautiful with no upkeep at all.


​​These floral wonders can bring life to a tired corner of your home -- even that tricky spot that doesn't get any sun! Paper flowers have been used for weddings and events for the most memorable displays. And they make for the most impressive gifts as they are long-lasting reminders of special moments.


​Discover our collection today and let our lifelong paper treasures give you the joy seek.

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