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Camellia Paper Plant Sculpture

Camellia Paper Plant Sculpture


Paper flowers will last for a lifetime and I cannot think of a more timeless beauty than that of a Camellia. The meandering stems of this exquisite paper plant hold rapturous blooms of white flowers -- each petal hand cut and shaped slowly and thoughtfully. The lush leaves and buds dotted all over the stems are but supporting actors to the elegant blooms.


Standing tall at approximately 65 cm, this otherworldly Camellia Paper Flower Plant Sculpture sits in an aged terracotta pot and then given a blanket of preserved moss. It is made from specialty Italian crepe paper that has been given a UV spray to protect from fading. Nevertheless, please keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.


If you would like to flowers in a different colour, simply send me a message to see if I can accommodate bespoke requests.