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Black Knight Paper Hollyhock

Black Knight Paper Hollyhock


This showstopping inky Paper Hollyhock is made from specialty Italian crepe paper that is exquisitely sculpted to produce this much-loved English garden staple. Its pitch-black petals dramatically stand out in a garden of blousy pastel flowers or a in a backdrop of minimalist walls. 


Sitting on a distressed terracotta pot filled with preserved moss, this crepe paper floral stunner is approximately 63cm tall and 20cm wide. Every piece, from the stamen to the petals and leaves, are all hand cut and shaped by hand. Thus, shape and colour may vary slightly from these photos. These paper flower sculptures can be brought indoors to bring delight all year round, won't die and you won't need to ask your neighbour to water them when you go away.


If you have any colour request, simply send me a message and I will try my best to accommodate.