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Paper Amaryllis Flower Sculpture

Paper Amaryllis Flower Sculpture


Crepe paper is transformed into an alluring and lifelike Paper Amaryllis. A fanciful version of the showy bulb, this Blooms by Beam Amaryllis will not die or fade -- it has been sprayed with a protective coat -- and you won't need to hire a sitter to water them when you go away. 


Slowly and lovingly made, this collection of one of a kind paper plants are individually hand cut, painted and put together in my studio in Manchester, UK. 


The three blooms, a bud and the foliage of this Paper Amaryllis Flower Sculpture are made from Italian crepe paper that has been handpainted to form a deep shades of purple and crimson. This paper plant is in a distressed terracotta pot so you can easily display it wherever you please in your home. However, we still recommend staying away from direct sunlight and moisture to keep the colours from fading.


Approx. 52 cm height x 36 cm width